Problems with [Apt] ?

  • Is [Apt] charging you interest?

  • Is [Apt] harassing you?

  • Is [Apt] not willing to work with you?

  • Is [Apt] willing to delete from your credit report?

  • Are you trying to settle with [Apt]?

How can we help you?

We fight for you!

Florida residents are protected by  Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act.  and Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (CCPA) in collection efforts. These laws give Florida citizen rights as to what and how [Apt] can collect. Combined with Federal Laws there are many protections Florida consumers have. We make sure [Apt] obeys those laws and our law firm protects your rights. If [Apt] violates the law they could owe you $1,000 per time. We offer a contingency fee agreement or a flat fee agreement based on the your situation and facts.

For our fee we will:

  • Obtain the necessary documents to evaluate your situation
  • Evaluate the documents compared to the client’s scenario and help render an opinion
  • Help the client enforce their rights as to the debt collection / credit reporting.
  • If desired, approach the lender to see if a settlement can be made that is favorable to our client’s goals of credit reporting and ending possible legal liabilities.

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