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Florida consumers may be contacted by Southwest Recovery Services for a broken a lease from an apartment complex, alleged damages, or cleaning fees, or the apartment management said that they owe money for whatever reason. The charges may be unlawful, unfair, and may BREAK THE LAW.

YOU HAVE RIGHTS when in apartment debt collection. We can ensure your rights are protected and go after those that violate them

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  • Professional, Knowledgeable Attorneys and Legal Staff
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Can I remove an apartment debt collection from my credit report?

Dispute with Southwest Recovery Services You can dispute the account directly with the credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion) or directly with Southwest Recovery Services. We believe that disputing directly with Southwest Recovery Services may yield the best results when you know exactly the correct dispute process. Florida residents are owed documentation to validate the apartment debt collection. Even if they provide the documents, they must be compliant with Federal and Florida State law. Your rights give you the opportunity to possibly find violations of law. Violations of law can possibly be used to offset the amount owed or entice the debt collector to remove the account from the credit report.

Settle with Southwest Recovery Services You can decide to settle with the apartment debt collector. One debt settlement strategy is to create a Hardship letter detailing why you can not pay the full amount due. So many consumers do not go through this extra step and it will make you stand out. Our law firm writes a professional hardship letter with many debt negotiations. Ask for removal of the account from the credit report as part of the settlement. This is often called a Pay for Delete agreement. Remember, the deal is no good unless it is writing from Southwest Recovery Services.

Reasons for a Great Hardship Letter

  • Medical Issues

  • Job Loss

  • Recent loss of vehicle or home

  • Taking care of relatives

Consider including in your hardship letter a basic household budget. It is OK to show that you have a little money left over at the end of the month. You just want to demonstrate you are not wasting your money and their reduction is not charity. It is necessary for you to resolve the apartment debt.

Florida Law and Southwest Recovery Services

Apartment leases and property leases inside the State of Florida are governed by  Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act. This property code lays out the rights and obligations of the tenant and landlord a residential lease situation. The apartment debt collection companies must follow Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act and Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (CCPA) in collection efforts.